American Express membership rewards card

I was brutally trying to get an American Express Card and I was rejected like 3 to 4 times but finally now I got the card and the card in my hand is American Express membership rewards card , and I was offered a working 6 digit credit limit.
The package:
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at 11.40.05 PM
The card:
Inside the package :
  • Welcome letter
  • American Express standing instructions form
  • And a brochure explaining the features of American Express app
  • Earn 1 membership reward point for every 50 rupees spent except for fuel insurance and utilities and cash transactions.
  • Some good discounts at
  • Get 1000 reward points if you use your card 4 times on transaction of RS.1000 every month.
  • Contactless payments.
  • Earn 5000 membership reward points upon 1st year card renewal fee.
  • Earn 1500 reward points if you subscribe to supplementary card, kindly note that annual fee free for a supplementary card is 1500 rupees.
  • Exclusive dining delights you get upto 20% across major restaurants, The program is much better than what HDFC and ICICI dining programs offer.
  • Revolving credit interest rate is at 3.5% or 42% annually.
  • Foreign currency transactions @3.5% which is tad higher.
Milestone rewards:
18 carat Gold collection / 18000 points:
  • Bose SoundLink speaker
  • Tanishq voucher
  • Welcome Heritage luxury stay
  • Statement credit worth rupees 7500
  • Amazon gift card worth rupees 8000
24000 points are 24 carat Gold collection:
  • Statement credit worth rupees 10000
  • MakeMyTrip holiday voucher
First year fee: Rs.1000+GST
Renewal: RS.4500 + GST
They offer lifetime free during promos or you contact the customer care to issue a lifetime free card but you won’t be getting the joining fee reward .
American express cards are good to hold if you travel a lot esp abroad. The membership reward card is one of the basic card in Gold category and I would say the reward rate is pretty decent. To make the most use of the card just have to make use your card at least 4 times for above Rs.1000  per month and have to spend like 3 lacs in a year to get to  24 carat status. Even if you are an average spender that I think you can make to the 18 carat/18000 points.
The only disappointing thing with American Express Card is that it is not widely accepted. So I think it would be difficult to use Rs.1000 and above 4 times to get that monthly 1000 reward points. Also American Express does not give you any offer if you are big shopper in Flipkart or Amazon. I literally never have seen amex offer in these sites. High time American Express should  become desi Express. The competition is literally catching up. But still in spite of all these disadvantages you can get this card if you are a  credit card freak just because it’s American Express. Also American Express generous with their credit limit.
Apply to this card using this link
Thanks for reading.

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