Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card


Yes!!!! the name sound so cool and hot. But what does Manhattan do with desi. Nothing it’s just a trick to sound the card premium. Unfortunately nothing is super premium in this card except the name. That doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore it because it has some good features too.

The card:



  • The name .
  • Get 5% cashback at supermarkets(max cashback 150 per transaction on minimum spends of 1000. Cashback limited to 500 per month).
  • 3x rewards.
  • The good life programme¬†which allows you to enjoy a host of discounts and offers across dining, shopping, travel and many more.
  • 20% cashback on uber with overall spends through credit card greater than 15000.
  • Cash advance fee at 3%.
  • Foreign currency transaction at 3.5%.
  • 1% on fuel .
  • Lounge access through visa platinum.
  • Monthly interest rates at 3.49% annualised at 41.88%


  • First Year-Rs.999
  • Second year onwards-Rs.999


As you see the card offers some good cashback for supermarkets spends and the uber offer too is eye-catching. You can save like 6000 per year through your supermarket expenses alone. The thing with these type of cards is that you have to constantly monitor their webpage to lookout for offers. So apply for this cards if your supermarket expense is more than 6k to get some decent rewards.

Thanks for reading.


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