FIFA 2018!! And the winner is….

Sorry first of all for moving far away from finance . With football fever catching up and the game being held in Russia and i am being at India’s bottom with  the knockout stage going around my sleep was completely knocked out. With mind and brain preoccupied with football writing a blog post in finance is like Messi winning a world cup. So I decided to go with whats occupied in my mind and brain.

2018 WC predictions:

Scenario 1:


Uruguay vs France : Uruguay .

With Ed and Luis as the forwards and an iron clad defence to me Uruguay is the team in the matches so far appeared to be the most balanced team. France though has a weaker defence compared with Uruguay and that will be the difference in winning.

Brazil Vs Belgium: Brazil.

With both the team so close on paper the difference will be Neymar.

Sweden Vs England : England

This will be quite easy for me and so does for England, easy pickings.

Russia Vs Croatia: Croatia.

Unless Russia did the same way they did  it with Hilary Clinton, Croatia are the favourites . Easy Pickings.

Semi Finals:

Uruguay Vs Brazil: Uruguay.

Brazil forwards cant get into Uruguays defence.

England vs Croatia: England.

Easy Pickings.


Uruguay vs England: Uruguay .

Finally Luis Suarez can bite something worthy . The cup.

Scenario 2:

But all the above equations changes if Edinson Cavani doesnt play the semi final clash.


Uruguay vs France : France .(  A 25 percent chance that Uruguay can still beat France and  in that case go to scenario 1)

The rest stands the same.

Semi Finals:

France Vs Brazil: Brazil

England Vs Croatia: England


Brazil Vs England: England.

Yes England has a chance and thats a really good chance . Let them pray Uruguay doesnt come to Semis.


I wrote this articles cos my knock out predictions was perfect. I dint post online though my friends knew.

Thanks for reading.








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