Seemaraja Review

Seemaraja ponram and SK’s 3rd flick . It’s not 1980 where an actor and director combination continues to give hit even after 7 or 8 movies together. But this is 2018 same actor and director combo doesn’t work much in the second movie itself . But luckily rajinimurugan escaped, but seemaraja couldn’t . The movie inspite of moments has a lousy screenplay and story which was easily guessable within 5 minutes of the movie .
SK scores heavily as usual and so does soori. ¬†Soori has kept 6pack for a single scene and kudos to him for this effect. Samantha and simran doesn’t have that much screen presence and so does all other actors in the flim . The comedy works good in patches in otherwise boring movie which has a historical flashback which gives the movie the much needed Oxygen in the second half. The¬† cinematography is too good but the music and background score let’s the flim down . But even with all these negatives somehow the flim manages to barely escape making it watchable once . Thanks for reading.

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