HDFC Premium Banking

With new  banking licences being offered the competition between the banks are getting intensified. So the bank want to classify its customers who give them the real business. To do so they classify them with certain criteria and call them privilege customers and give them some so called perks to get more business from them. But there are some really good perks at times .
Similarly HDFC Bank has classified it’s potential customers into
  • Classic banking
  • Preferred banking
  • Imperia banking
In this article we will discuss about classic and preferred  and imperia banking will be discussed here.
Classic banking:
If you want to become a classic banking customer of the HDFC Bank you have to meet these conditions that is you just have to maintain 1 lakh in your savings account or 5 lakh FD or 2 laks in your current account across your group .Kindly note the privilege of your classic banking can be extended your family members too.And these conditions can also be maintained across your family members, i.e the condition for savings account minimum balance of 1 laks can be maintained like considering you have extended the benefits to your spouse,mom and dad,10000 in your account 70000 in spouse and 20k in your dad’s account.
Classic banking benefits:
  • You will get a dedicated personal banker which in their website is mentioned as someone who can understand your financial documents and accordingly tables recommendations but practically practically the person is nothing but someone who will sell insurance to you relationship pricing on variety of product but classic customers don’t get that much discount on their products.
  • You will get a classic easy shop Platinum debit card for free.
  • Pre approved basic credit cards.
  • 25% discount on locker rent.
  • Cheque book will be issued free of cost for savings account.
Preferred banking:
Conditions to be met:
A minimum Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 2 Lac in the Savings account.
A minimum Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 5 Lac in a Current Account.
A minimum Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 15 Lac in a combination of Savings Accounts, Current Account and Fixed Deposit.
  • HDFC Bank Preferred Platinum Chip Debit Card.
  • Locker with 50% discount on annual rental charge available for one locker per group.
  • Free Cheque Book issuance
  • Value of Rs. 5 Lakh at Nil charge per month upto 7 transactions. 
  • Nil charges for neft , bill pay , Insta alert and standing instructions.
  • No charges for usage of HDFC Bank as well as Non HDFC Bank ATMs.


As you can see you can access some good perks once you get into preferred banking but there is a flip side too you will be targeted by your RM with some investment plans which you have to be careful because of the risk of low returns.
Thanks for reading.

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