Fairfield by Marriott Coimbatore review

Sometimes shit happens and when it happens it happens deep. My midnight flight to Coimbatore to Chennai got cancelled because of bad weather and the next flight available was by 6 in the morning. I had a rough 3 nights continuous where I barely slept. So I decided to cancel my ticket and book a hotel stay in  Coimbatore overnight.
Location and Booking :
I chose this hotel because its right outside airport. Usually when you book a Marriott Hotel it’s better to book through Marriott website or app because you can  always find  a super deal if you are a member and you get reward points which can be redeemed to a job free Nights if you are Marriott member.  So I tried booking through my app but since it was midnight there was no availability in app  so I just decided to go go to the hotel and book directly. Fairfield by Marriott Coimbatore is like 2 minutes walk from Coimbatore Airport, honestly don’t even have to take in taxi for that.
Check in :
It took almost 10 minutes for me to check in and honestly I think that’s not acceptable at all you just have to finish the whole check in  process within 2 minutes and this guy at the reception was literally struggling. Once I checked in I got the keycard went directly to the room.
The stay :
The room is a basic template of Fairfield by Marriott Hotel where you you can always find that light blue colour background and usual  amenities right from water bottles ,kettles ,iron board  and useful toiletries and stuffs. Since this is new property I could kinda feel light smell of paint. The breakfast is complementary in Kovai kitchen ( restaurant) . The spread of food was great and the taste of good was also so good. No complaints regarding the breakfast. The stay  cost me around 6 k which I would tell his little bit on the higher side for Coimbatore where Taj was available at 5k, honestly the price should be around 4 -5 k in that way they could get more Occupancy. There is no bar available  as of now but the guy at the reception told me that they will get it another month so. and the swimming pool is also missing which he said they will build in the future.
  • Great location.
  • Marriott luxury.
  • Food.
  • The price
  • No bar and swimming pool.
Thanks for reading.

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